Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ACT welcomes Boscawen as new deputy

Out with the old....

...and in with the new.
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John Boscawen did not shoot the deputy - Heather Roy resigned of her own accord today as deputy leader of the ACT party. Boscawen will take over Roy's role as Minister of Consumer Affairs, and take on Rodney Hide's Associate Minister of Commerce position. Hide will pick up Roy's Associate Education portfolio, and her former position as Associate Minister of Defence has been nixed. No wonder the woman needed a break - she had a pretty full plate! Roy remains a member of the ACT party, and has been given two weeks leave to mull over her future.

**Since posting on this it's become clear that Heather Roy was actually pushed to resign - last time I trust a press release from John Key for the full story! It seems Rodney Hide couldn't play nice with Roy, and refused to work alongside her any longer. Roy's notes from the meeting where she was rolled as deputy leader have since been leaked, in which she describes Hide as a "bully" with a "vendetta" against her. From the taxpayers' perspective, having Wellington-based Roy as deputy was the better deal - because John Boscawen resides in Auckland, he will get an additional allowance of $37,000 a year for accomodation in Wellington.

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