Friday, September 17, 2010

Swift outclasses former nemesis at VMAs

Since Kanye West infamously snatched the microphone from her at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift's star has soared. So it's no wonder she harbours no bitterness for his very public diss. This year's VMAs saw Taylor perform a powerful ballad about forgiveness. With lyrics like "Who you are is not what you did" and "Every one of us has messed up too", Swift's self-penned song was clearly in reference to last year's incident. And if there was any doubt the song was about Kanye, there was also the line "Thiry-two, and still growin' up now". West was 32 at last year's awards ceremony. Commentators are praising Swift's song as a classy display of her maturity; cementing her status as the sweetheart of the music industry. Kanye also performed a new song at the VMAs. His was an ode to 'douchebags'.

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