Monday, August 23, 2010

Julia or Tony? Aussie election in a dead heat

Gillard and Abbot face off in their Leader's debate earlier this month.

As the vote count sluggishly continues for Australia's recent election, a majority win by either party becomes increasingly unlikely. The prime ministerial hopefuls are getting desperate - both have been flirting with independent MPs and minority parties, lining up potential support for a coalition government.
Gillard's Labour party is ready to get in to bed with the Greens, who are set to push for action on climate change. Labour's postponement of their carbon-emissions trading scheme until 2012 is likely to be a point of contention between the parties.
Independent MPs may be equally hard to please. One independent, Bob Katter said he would support whichever party he thought would do more for rural communities and ensure their right "to go fishing and camping and hunting and shooting." Another, Tony Windsor said he was "happy to talk to anybody" and centre-left independent Andrew Wilkie also said he was "open-minded." Whichever way this election goes, it's almost certain that fervent negotiations will be required to bring an end to this dead heat.

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