Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miracle in a mine

The first image of one of the trapped miners, captured by a camera lowered down a bore hole . Photo: AFP

Chileans are celebrating the news that 33 missing miners are still alive, 17 days after falling rock trapped them 700m underground. The miners are confined to an underground chamber the size of a small flat, and have managed to survive on just 2 days supply of food and water. Ventilation shafts have allowed them to breathe, but temperatures inside have been as high as 36C.
Fresh supplies are now being delivered to them through a narrow shaft. The miners' ordeal is far from over as it could take up to four months to drill a shaft big enough for the miners to be extracted one by one. Experts say the challenge will be to keep the trapped miners psychologically healthy until their rescue. I'm seeing major sponsorship potential here. You have 33 miners stuck in one place, which makes them newsworthy until they get out. Apple should be siphoning down iPods, Nintendo should be sending down 33 PSPs - what better opportunity for product placement? When the rescue is completed, you'll have 33 instant spokespeople for your brand!

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