Friday, August 13, 2010

Why you've gotta love journalism

How CUTE is this picture (taken by Ben Curran of the Malborough Express)? I know 'bright' news stories like this one are typically accompanied by uber-sweet photos, but this one gives us a double whammy in the heart-warming stakes by being both cross-generational and cross-cultural. Don't those boys have the most endearing expressions on their faces? And the way they're holding the little ole' lady's hands? Gush! Yes, I'm sure it was a posed photo, but, well, success! My day was officially brightened.

The accompanying story was actually rather amusing. The two boys helped Granny back on her feet after her scooter tipped her off. The wee old lady was quoted as saying "It's like a thousand dollars what they did for me". The article also mentioned she wrote a letter to their school, and sent them a $5 reward. Bless! Only old ladies and preschoolers would think $5 is a big prize. I'm not sure if the boys are still wondering what happened to the rest of the afore-mentioned thousand dollars...

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